Insurgent Movie: My Thoughts

I saw Insurgent last night and enjoyed it for the most part. I understand why they made some changes from the book, such as giving Jeanine a clear goal to work towards etc. I found it weird that Tris is 100% Divergent (she admits she could never be Candor or Amity), but again, I guess this works better for movie audiences.

However, as a book-to-film adaptation it fell a little flat for me, especially after they did such a good job with Divergent.

Very few of my favourite scenes made it into the movie and I felt they substituted a lot of the emotional storyline for fighting scenes and crazy special effects.

For example, in the book when they are surrounded by the Factionless on the train, they have a short conversation that’s vaguely threatening then Four pulls the “My name is Tobias Eaton” card and they all back down. In the movie, it’s a 5-10 minute fight scene – that’s quite brutal in places – before we get to that point. I’m not saying I didn’t like that scene, I’m just highlighting the difference.

So much screen time was wasted with Tris flying around in these “sims”, buildings tediously collapsing one by one. And yet, they apparently couldn’t spare 30 seconds for Christina to forgive Tris and get their friendship back on track. Or to introduce Uriah properly. Or to give Marlene at least one line before killing her off.

(And I guess I can see why they left it out, but I would’ve loved to see the “peace serum” scene).

Anyway, the – unfortunately limited – highlights for me were:

  • I liked the scene where Tris cuts her hair at the beginning. A good opener.
  • Amity Headquarters – it’s just so pretty and calming compared to the other factions. I’d want to live there.
  • Peter and his thinly-veiled contempt for everyone and everything around him. Miles Teller was brilliant, providing most of the funny moments. (After the movie, my Mum said she couldn’t work out who’s side he was on. I replied that Peter is on no-one’s side but his own).
  • Tris’ death and resurrection (mainly because I was pleased a scene from the book made it!)
  • Tris’ nightmare/flashbacks worked well, I thought. Will… 😦
  • “My name is Four.” This is different from the books, but I like it. I found it annoying in Insurgent/Allegiant that he’s suddenly Tobias when I’ve got so used to him being just Four in Divergent.
  • Four… need I say more?

Originally posted to Tumblr on 29 March 2015


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