Sometimes people are mean…


I’m driving home from work earlier today and get stuck in slow-moving traffic. Never mind, I think, I have some music with me (which happens to be the soundtrack from Wicked).

I start singing along (because Wicked) and, suddenly, being stuck in traffic is much more fun. I skip to my favourite track and sing a bit louder. (It’s my favourite, after all).

Then, I notice the passenger in the car next to me has wound down his window…and is slow-clapping me as his car creeps past mine.

I pretty much die of embarrassment, there and then.

But now, thinking back on it, I’m really quite annoyed, almost angry. Because, why do that? There is no reason for it, other than to make a stranger feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

Why be so mean? I’m obviously having fun and not causing any harm, even if I’m not behaving like my fellow commuters.

So, I’m sorry Mr Whoever-You-Are, but I refuse to feel bad about it. (I’m pretty sure Elphaba wouldn’t care!)

Tomorrow I will drive to work.

And I will turn my music up loud.

And I will sing my heart out.

And I’ll be really grateful that I am able to find joy in simple things and that I don’t have to make someone else feel bad, to feel good about being me.

Originally posted to Tumblr on 1 April 2015



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