Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I got caught in a massive reading slump halfway through this book. I don’t think it was necessarily the book’s fault but my feelings about this book have got all mixed up because of it. For the most part, Vanishing Girls reminded me a lot of Panic but it wasn’t quite as good as Panic somehow. Mainly the friendship between Nick and Parker reminded me of Heather and Bishop. And I do love the way that Lauren Oliver writes; she comes up with these brilliant sentences. I so wish I could write like that. I definitely didn’t see the big twist coming! That confused me a lot and had me flipping back through the pages trying to piece it all together. I did enjoy this book on the whole but just found it too bitty and disjointed for me to be 100% engaged in the plot and characters.

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Originally posted to Tumblr on 7 May 2015