Carry On!


I finally have Carry On by Rainbow Rowell…

There were a few false starts. The bookshop near my work didn’t have it on publication day and the next day I was up early to go to Paris.I tried to get it at Shakespeare and Company while I was away, but that didn’t work out either. They had 7 copies in stock according to their computer but Simon and Baz were apparently hiding and they couldn’t find a single copy! (They did, however, have about 50 copies of Landline – in various colours – around the shop!)

My last attempt was in London on my way home from the Eurostar. For some reason I thought there was a bookshop at Kings Cross but apparently it closed down and I didn’t get the memo.

So, this morning, unable to wait any longer, I did the click-and-collect thing with Waterstones and a couple of hours later, it was mine!

I’m so excited to get started. I loved Fangirl and it’s a sort-of spin-off from that book (though if you’re just keen to see Cath and Levi again, pick up Landline instead – Shakespeare and Co should have it in stock!)

So, basically, Carry On is a book inspired by a fanfiction of a fictional book series written by a character in a book written by the same author as this book.

Have I got that even close to right?

Originally posted to Tumblr on 14 October 2015


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