Project for Awesome

I always love P4A. It’s lots of fun and raises tonnes of money for good causes. I usually try to catch as much of the 48-hour livestream as I can, but this year I’ve ended up missing most of it.

I was at a wedding all day yesterday and got in pretty late last night. I was planning a lie-in this morning but my body decided it had other things in mind and woke me up at 7am. So I figured it was as good a time as any to catch the P4A livestream and get my donation in.

There are always good perks and this year I went for the “digital bundle”. Hank and Katherine were adding the people who donated to a “cool people” board and I made it on there, but not quite as I was planning.

I added my name to Indigogo but, when Hank was reading out the list of names, he read out my email address instead. I was using a very old email without my name in it. At first, I was disappointed, but then this happened:

Hank: Little Star
Katherine: Awww
Everyone: (Laughs)
Hank: Leah
Katherine: No
Hank: Kiersten
Katherine: No
Hank: Why not?
Katherine: Because I’m still on Little Star!

This made me happy! You can see my entry on the “cool people” board on Hank’s Twitter – I’m third line from the bottom.

And, if you can, go to to vote for good causes, watch the livestream, donate and get cool perks!

Originally posted to Tumblr on 13 December 2015


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