Reading/Writing Goals 2016

Last year, I set myself two very simple reading and writing goals. They were to read more books than the previous year (27 books) and write 200 words every day on an idea I had for a novel (working title: Walls).

I achieved both of those goals in 2015. (Ok, I might not have written 200 words every day but I feel like the 50,000 I wrote during NaNoWriMo made up for it.) However, I ended the year feeling like I hadn’t experienced much variety in either my reading or my writing. I’d worked on the same writing project all year and, although I was really proud of what I’d achieved, I wanted to branch out a little. And YA books made up about 90% of my reading last year. I love YA and I want to write YA but I know I need to explore other genres and age groups too.

So for 2016, I’ve decided to set myself ten goals each for reading and writing. It’ll be a challenge, especially considering everything else I’ve got planned for the year, but I’m looking forward to attempting them!


  1. Read at least 30 books (as recorded in Goodreads)
  2. At least every third book should be non-YA
  3. Read at least 1 classic I haven’t read yet
  4. Read at least 1 crime, mystery or whodunit
  5. Read at least 1 non-fiction book e.g. a travel book
  6. Finish a book I previously abandoned halfway through
  7. Read some short stories
  8. Listen to an audio book
  9. Re-read a favourite book or series
  10. Attend at least 3 book signings/author event and at least 1 literary convention/festival20150729_123301
  1. Write 200 words a day on any of the projects listed below
  2. Finish the first draft of Walls and share it with friends and family (even if it’s just the first couple of chapters)
  3. Re-write Play
  4. Write Dream (sequel to Play)
  5. Finish short story Ella
  6. Write a brand new short story
  7. Write a blog post at least every 2-3 weeks
  8. Write a poem
  9. Attend a writing workshop or course if possible
  10. Enter at least one writing competition

Originally posted to Tumblr on 1 January 2016


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