I didn’t mean to buy these books. (Honestly).


Confession time: I’ve been on a self-imposed book-buying ban since Christmas. The idea was to make a big dent in my TBR pile but, in reality, I’ve done a pathetic amount of reading so far this year.

Originally my book-buying ban was meant to last until the release of Lady Midnight on 8th March. I brought this forward a little to include 5th March because that happens to be the day I’m in London with my best friend, which will no doubt include some visits to book shops. Book-buying is, I’m afraid, inevitable.

March 5th is still five whole days away. Not hard to forget, you’d think.

But today I happened to pop into WHSmith’s at lunchtime, mainly to get out of the cold and see if they had any of the World Book Day books. For the record, window-shopping for books was not banned and is considered (by me) to be rather therapeutic.

Anyway, this particular branch of WHSmith’s is notoriously bad at having books anywhere near release date – see my Carry On post – so I was possibly a little overexcited when I saw a whole display dedicated to World Book Day with lots of copies of each book.

I immediately picked up Rainbow Rowell’s contribution (because Rainbow Rowell) called Kindred Spirits, which I’m excited to read. Then I also spotted (pun intended) Spot the Difference by Juno Dawson too.

I gleefully headed to the checkout with my chosen books, feeling very pleased with myself, when it suddenly dawned on me that I wasn’t meant to be buying books at all.

I ended up stood in the middle of the shop, feeling rather torn and confessing all to my friend who was with me. She often gets dragged into this particular branch of WHSmith’s on many a book-buying mission (usually for me to leave disappointed because the staff have never heard of this Cassandra Clare woman I keep going on about and have no idea why I’m so worked up that they don’t have her latest release in store… but that’s a rant for another day).

“Oh, I thought we hadn’t been in here for a while,” Friend says, proof that I am well known for buying far too many books!

After much deliberation, we decided that I was allowed to proceed to the checkout for the following reasons:

  1. 5th of March is only 5 days away and I’d only buy these books then if not today so, really, I’m just putting off the inevitable.
  2. Each book is only £1 each, a fraction of my usual book-buying allowance. (Also, I got paid today).
  3. They are so teeny tiny that they almost don’t count as books. They’re short stories really. Bookettes at best.
  4. And because they are so little, I’ll read them in no time at all, having little impact on the current state of my TBR pile.

Happy with this – it’s amazing how easy it is to justify buying books – I purchased my two little bookettes and ran away with them before anyone could stop me.

Happy World Book Day for 3 March everyone!

Originally posted to Tumblr on 29 February 2016


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