Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe by Bill Bryson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I hadn’t read anything by Bill Bryson in a long time, but had always found his books funny. Throughout the book, it was his dry and sarcastic sense of humour that kept me reading. Full of silly and self-deprecating anecdotes, Bryson definitely has a knack for exaggeration, and I did start to wonder how many of his travel experiences actually happened and how much is embellished. What I noticed most about this book (other than Bryson’s obsession with litter) is that it does show it’s age. Originally published in 1991, the EU was not yet in existence and the Euro was an even longer way off; there’s a Yugoslavia chapter that was very out-dated and I felt some of the jokes were a little too far from PC to be comfortable. Having said that, this book is very amusing though only occasionally laugh out loud funny. It was also the perfect inspiration for planning my trip to Europe this summer.

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Originally posted to Tumblr on 4 March 2016