Welcome to my new blog!


Over the past week, I’ve been moving all my book reviews and blog posts across from Tumblr to WordPress. For those of you who are already following me on here, I apologise for spamming you with all the new posts. There’s been a lot of copying and pasting going on!

I’ve been thinking about moving my blog for a while. I originally set up my book blog on Tumblr because it was a platform I was familiar with and because I could “reblog” content that I wanted to share alongside my original posts.  However, I started to find Tumblr harder and harder to use. It was slow to load and jerky when it did. It got to the point where I wasn’t even seeing new content, let alone being able to reblog the things that interested me.

Then I started to struggle to upload my own posts. Photos would take up to an hour to upload (if at all), which didn’t seem right. At first I thought it was my computer, but I don’t have this issue on any other website, including WordPress (thankfully!)

Finally, the limitations of setting up my blog as a secondary account meant I couldn’t easily interact with others on Tumblr. So I’ve had to rely on Twitter and Instagram instead.

Anyway, enough about why I left and more about why I’m here now! Like I said, I’ve been thinking about moving my blog for a while, so I’ve been taking note of where other people blog. I found that the overwhelming majority use WordPress.

I heard that WordPress was simple to use and I have definitely found that. Uploading and editing posts has been really easy. And it hasn’t frozen on me at all, so that’s been brilliant, and is the main reason why I’ve been able to transfer everything across so quickly.

Also, quite unexpectedly, I’ve already had likes, comments and follows from fellow bloggers. In fact, I think my blog has seen more interaction over the last few days than in almost two years on Tumblr, which is amazing, so thank you!


P.S. I’m also on Goodreads, Twitter and Instagram if you’re interested!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog!

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  1. Hi Alice, I’m glad that you made the swicth over what seems like relatively easily. I can now have a lovely browse over all your posts and add the comments I couldn’t make on Tumbl. Welcome to WP! 😉
    Amanda. x


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