Replica by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has two narrators but does things a little differently than other books with dual points-of-view. Replica is actually two books in one and can be read in a variety of ways. I chose to read alternate chapters, shifting from Gemma to Lyra at first (then switching to reading Lyra’s chapters first halfway through because this seemed to flow better). I loved the concept of this book and it was a good story, with interesting characters and lots of twists and turns. However, I did feel like it was a victim of its own ingenuity sometimes. Every time I switched points-of-view I felt like I was taking a step backwards, even though there were very few scenes that actually overlapped. At the beginning of every chapter I had to remind myself that I’d gone back in time and the things I’d just read about hadn’t happened yet. Having said that, overall, I really enjoyed it and will be looking out for the next book.

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