A Happy List :)


I’m jumping on the bandwagon a little bit with this one!

After reading this lovely post by Almost Amazing Grace, challenging bloggers to list all the things that have made them happy this week, and then Donna’s response on The Untitled Book Blog, I thought I’d make my own list.

For me, last week was a tough one, with an impossible decision and lots of tears and anxiety.Β  Making this list was actually rather therapeutic and I’m quite surprised how long it got once I started thinking about it.Β  I think what’s nice about this is that, although we all know it’s the little things that really matter, it’s good to just write it down sometimes and see it all there on the page. πŸ™‚

Things that made me happy (19/06/2017-25/06/2017):

  • Lunchtime ice creams in the sunshine.
  • My parents saying “we’ll support you whatever you decide to do.”
  • The announcement for John Green’s new book (and the discovery that I already had the first chapter as a Project for Awesome perk!)
  • Wearing all my summery clothes.
  • The smell of sun cream.
  • An air-conditioned office.
  • Amazing, super-supportive friends who listened to all my dilemmas.
  • An understanding boss who patiently explained all my options and let me cry (quite a lot, oops!)
  • Making a mid-year resolutions list.
  • Completing a crossword.
  • Trying a new recipe. A clean plate.
  • Fresh bed linen.
  • Reading the end of Windfall. It’s so cute!
  • Listening to/watching all the Glastonbury coverage this weekend. (The Killers!!!)
  • Realising it’s only a week until Wimbledon.
  • Baking a cake and eating it!
  • Dancing around my kitchen.
  • Planning for YALC.
  • Looking through all the photos from my Scotland road trip…

Here’s hoping for lots more happy moments again this week, just less stress if possible, please!



2 thoughts on “A Happy List :)

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  1. Sorry you had a difficult week but I’m glad you had support around you. It does sound therapeutic to write a happy list as there are lots of simple things we can all add which can always make you smile. Maybe you will have some happy mail coming soon too…..
    Amanda. 😊

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