Love Song by Sophia Bennett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a story with two distinct parts. As much as I enjoyed the fun and bizarreness of life on the road with The Point, I think all my favourite moments were in the second part of this book, when they’re holed up at Heatherington Hall. It’s the sort of place I would love to explore and I could easily imagine the atmosphere of music being played in a big, empty house like that. I think my favourite character might be Angus, and Jamie is a sweetheart, but it’s Nina I would want around in a crisis. I loved her resourcefulness, her calming influence, her ability to see through all these rock-star personas and find the real people behind The Point. This book also introduced me to new (well, old) music. At soon as I finished, I had to Google “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin!

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