YALC Day 1


Just a few highlights from day 1 at YALC 2017:

YALC in numbers:

  • Panels – 3ish
  • Workshops – 2
  • Signings – 11
  • Books bought/acquired – 7
  • Number of book recommendations – 19

Favourite panel:

Heroines. So many good authors on the panel and lots of discussion about what it means to be a heroine.

(Unfortunately I’ve got a bad cough and had to duck out of a couple of panels for fear of annoying people).

Book I’m most excited to read:

Loneliest Girl In The Universe by Lauren James (of course!) I luckily managed to get a copy from the Waterstones shop before they ran out.

New author or book I’ve discovered:

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds, illustrated by Chris Priestley. I love books in verse and picked up a book sampler for this today.

Most awesome workshop:

The YALC fanzine workshop was good fun and it was actually quite therapeutic to just sit and create something quietly after running around YALC all afternoon.

Best extra-curricular activity:

Quiz YA! Organised by Non Pratt to raise money for charity, the quiz took place after YALC finished for the day. Our team captain was Tom Ellen and we came a respectably 3rd after winning both timed rounds!

Funniest moment:

Reading out our “consequences” story at the creative writing workshop with Nicci Cloke. It didn’t make an awful lot of sense!

Authors I was excited to meet:

Today it was:

1) Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison as I missed them last year. Unfortunately, I managed to leave my copy of Never Evers at home, but it was a good excuse to go out and buy Freshers!

2) Laure Eve who I talked to about The Graces, which I finished last week. I found out that my suspicions were correct and the book is set in Cornwall.

Loveliest author:

Of course they’re all lovely but today this was Rachael Lucas, who didn’t mind me running up after her because I’d completely forgotten her book recommendation (I need to write these down more promptly because I always think I’ll remember them and I don’t!) and introduced me to Alice Broadway, who’s book she’d been recommending to me. She also had these cute little crocheted hearts to give away at her signing!

Best swag/best publisher stand:

My Kinda Book where I not only picked up a proof of There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins but also a sampler of Floored by an ensemble of YA authors.

To sum up:

It’s a long but very good day. Not sure how much sleep I’m going to be running on tomorrow though, so that could make things interesting!


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