How To Hang A Witch by Adriana Mather

I really enjoyed the setting for this book. I visited Salem six years ago and would love to go back there one day, so it was fun to revisit it through this book. Strange things seem to happen around Samantha Mather that she can't explain, and things start getting weirder from the moment she arrives... Continue Reading →


Six For Sunday – 2018 Books

Confession: I got completely confused with my days last week and, despite drafting my list of books for Six for Sunday, I forgot to actually post it and suddenly it was Monday! So, I'm cheating a little bit this week and sharing six books I've loved in 2018 so far (this week's prompt) alongside six... Continue Reading →

Mafiosa by Catherine Doyle

Mafiosa was an amazing end to one of the best series I've read in a long time. I got completely carried away by these books! The character development is outstanding, particularly for Sophie, and there is not a single dull moment. In this book, I saw the Falcone family in a new light. With Sophie... Continue Reading →

Six For Sunday: Best Friends

Prompt: Characters you think would make brilliant best friends I've interpreted this week's Six For Sunday prompt by picking characters from different books who I think could be best (or at least very good) friends if they were ever to meet. Six For Sunday is created by Steph and a full list of the prompts... Continue Reading →

Inferno by Catherine Doyle

After the heart-stopping events at the end of Vendetta, Inferno begins with Sophie coming to terms with what has happened. Initially cutting ties with the Falcone family, she soon gets pulled back into their world. In this book, the stakes are a lot higher and Sophie's situation feels more dangerous, but there are still lots... Continue Reading →

Vendetta by Catherine Doyle

I loved this book so much! Sometimes a book (or in this case, a series) comes along and immediately wraps you up in its world and carries you away. That was what this book did for me. It's exciting, intriguing and cinematic, with amazing dialogue and excellent characters, including heroine Sophie, best friend Millie and... Continue Reading →

Six For Sunday: Book Adaptations

This week’s Six For Sunday (prompts by Steph at A Little But A Lot) is film interpretations of books. I couldn’t just pick six adaptations, so I've cheated a bit and listed six film and also six TV adaptations that I've enjoyed. It’s ended up as a weird mix of YA and Classics… Six book... Continue Reading →

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